About ProkerDirect:

Our Mission

Help Smartphone users to use their phones more easier.

About Brand Proker

Founded in 2015, Proker focus on smartphone battery case products, and also creative phone accessories.

Smartphone users face battery draining problem after one or two years use, especially for iPhone, our team members wants to solve the problem. We started our business foundation from a world thinner iPhone smart battery case in 2016. Proker is now one of the top brands on smart battery cases, and Top-Popular Seller on amazon. Until we have launched more than 10 models for our customers.

Proker expertise in designing battery cases, our mission is to create the world’s best power accessory for iPhone and Android phones, our professional team integrates hardware and software into stylish designed cases, slim and light, but also powerful product.

Innovation and dedication is our everlasting principle, 100% customer satisfaction is our primary goal.