Proker Charger Case for iPhone 7 Plus White

iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case

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iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case,Proker Ultra Slim External Charing Case iPhone 7 Plus Juice Pack with 4000mAh Capacity for Lightning Cable Input (Black)

Lightning Port & Simultaneously Charging : Support the data transmission.

Turn on/off charging:

Click the power button once, it will start charging and LED lights. Double click the power button in succession, it will turn off charging and LED lights. The LED colors will show the remaining battery capacity. Red:1%~33%, Orange: 34%~66%, Green: 67%~100%.

Charging tips:

It should be recharged when the red LED flashes. When the green LED remains, its better to charge for 20 minutes more to ensure the full power.

First charge notice:

Please keep on charging one more hour when it shows full power(green LED remains) to reach the maximum capacity of the battery.


When you charge your iPhone with the smart battery case, the LED indicator flashes slowly and the green LED will remain till its fully charged.

Simultaneously Charging:

When your iPhone with the smart battery case are being charged, it will charge your iPhone and the smart battery case simultaneously.


Battery Type: Pure lithium cobalt oxide

Input: 5V/1.0A 1.2A

Output: 5V/1.0A 1.2A

Battery Capacity: 4000mAh for 5.5? Charging time(battery case only): 3.5-4h Working

Temperature: -20°C~60°C Weight:99g(5.5)

Please follow the user manual when you install or unload the smart battery case, parallel push your iPhone and make sure the inclination is less than 15° to avoid the fracture of the connector.

What's in the box :

1x Proker External Battery Charger Case

1x User Manual


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Proker Charger Case for iPhone 7 Plus White

Proker Charger Case for iPhone 7 Plus White

iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case
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